"Fire up the Gremlin Gracie, we're going out tonight."

SCTV's Programming Day

SCTV spoofed every type of programming imaginable: local newscasts, investigative journalism, soap operas, kids shows, trash journalism, late night talk shows, cooking shows, panel and game shows, etc. And some of SCTV's shows became famous in themselves, most notably The Great White North, Monster Chiller Horror Theatre, and Mel's Rock Pile.

What follows is a rough estimate of what an average programming day at SCTV might look like.

Note: The sketch summaries on the following pages are cross referenced to the guide using the following scheme:
[S - E (S)] where S is the series number, E is the episode number, and S is the sketch number; so [6 - 14 (3)] means the sketch is the third in episode 14 of series 6.

Station Announcements

Message from Guy Caballero, Owner and President

Message from Edith Prickley, Station Manager


Farm Film Celebrity Blow Up with Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok
Farm Report/Rock Concert/Farm Film Report

Sunrise Semester

SCTV AM News Today with Floyd Robertson and Earl Camembert

Cooking With Marcello with Marcello Sebastiano

Carl's Cuts with Carl and Fred Scutz

The Merv Griffin Show with Merv Griffin


Dining With LaRue/LaRue By Night/Street Beef with Johnny LaRue
Mr Science/Cooking With LaRue/Game Shows/Specials

Melonville Calendar with Yolanda Devillbis

Crazy Crafts with Molly Earle

You! with Libby Wolfson

The Days of the Week

Happy Hour with Happy Marsden

Mailbag/Critic's Corner with Bill Needle
Starting Out/Wrong Side of the Bed/Theatre Beat/Shoot for the Stars/Stand Up and Be Counted/TV Talk

High Q/Half Wits with Alex Trebek

The Great White North with Bob and Doug McKenzie

The Fishin' Musician with Gil Fisher

Prime Time

SCTV News/Nightline Melonville with Floyd Robertson and Earl Camembert
One On the Town/13 Minutes/60-20/Election Central

Comment with David Brinkley

SCTV News Special Report with Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley

Fireside Chat with Mayor Tommy Shanks

Money Talks with Brian Johns

Stars In One with Brock Linehan

National Midnight Star/Hollywood Dirt Tonight

The Happy Wanderers with Stan and Yosh Shmenge

Super Specials with Lola Heatherton

Masterpiece Theatre with Alistair Cook
Mean Joe Greene Playhouse

SCTV Movie of the Week
SCTV Foreign Film Festival

Late Night

The Sammy Maudlin Show with Sammy Maudlin and William B Williams
Solid Gold Telethon/Maudlin's Eleven/The William B. Show/Maudlin O' the Night

SCTV Boogie/SCTV Disco/Mel's Rock Pile with Rockin' Mel Slirrup

Monster Chiller Horror Theatre with Count Floyd
3D House of Beef/3D Stake From the Heart/Scary Little Christmas/3D Firing Line/Scary Previews

Dialing For Dollars with Moe Green, Walter Cronkite

The Gerry Todd Show/Midnight Video Special with Gerry Todd

Sermonette/Words to Live By/Signoff


SCTV had as much fun mocking television advertising as it did programming - some of the most memorable characters on SCTV were ad pitch men. Most of the advertising on SCTV tended to be as local and low-budget as the programming.

Harry, the Man with the Snake on His Face

Tex and Edna Boil's Prairie Warehouse and Curio Emporium

The Driftwood Inn

Al Peck

The Phone Company

Crazy Hy's

Johnny LaRue