Spinoffs, specials, commercials and related ephemera.

After SCTV

After SCTV (and during the occasional hiatus), many cast members reprised their SCTV characters for other projects, including movies, specials, other TV programs and commercials. Suggestions for items not listed and information welcome.

Direct spinoffs

1981 Bob and Doug McKenzie LP
1982 Count Floyd LP
1983 Strange Brew (Movie and LP)
1985 The Last Polka
1985 PMS, The Film
1985 Martin Short: Concert for the North Americas
1988 The Best of SCTV
1988 Biographies: The Enigma of Bobby Bittman
1988 The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley
1989 I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood
1989 Andrea Martin ...Together Again
1990 Making Real Funny Home Videos
1994, 1995, 1999 The Martin Short Shows
2001-2005 Primetime Glick
2002 The True Meaning of Christmas Specials
2007 Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary
2009 Bob and Doug
2011 Craft Break
2012 It's Personal
2012 I, Martin Short, Goes Home

Close relations

1976 The David Steinberg Show
1979 The Second City Comedy Show
1980 Big City Comedy
1982 The Billy Crystal Comedy Hour
1984 Second City 25th Anniversary
1980-96 Saturday Night Live
1984 The New Show
1985 The Canadian Conspiracy
1986 Comic Relief
1986 Really Weird Tales
1988 The Second City 15th Anniversary
1989 You, Me, the Music and Me LP
1990 The Dave Thomas Comedy Show
1990-93 Maniac Mansion
1993 Friends of Gilda
1998 The Second City 25 Years

Best of the Rest: The Last Polka, Strange Brew, Concert for the North Americas, The Enigma of Bobby Bittman, Martin Short Goes Hollywood, Together Again

TV 1976-77 The David Steinberg Show

David Steinberg with Bill Saluga | Joe Flaherty | Andrea Martin | John Candy | Dave Thomas | Martin Short | Trudy Young

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The David Steinberg Show David Steinberg's variety show debuted on CTV (with a much higher profile and budget) the very same week SCTV debuted on Global. It featured many of the then current Second City cast in Toronto (where the show was shot) in the ensemble cast. Wardrobe by Juul Haalmeyer. Now available on DVD.

Though a variety show, it didn't play as a straight variety show; it was more like The Muppet Show, with a celebrity guest each week and backstage scenes featuring regular characters (as well as other scenes at 'Villa Deli', a restaurant across the street from the theatre where the show was being shot). Each week featured a wraparound plot of some sort. Not a bad premise, actually, but the show was pretty tame primetime fare. David Steinberg, Bill Saluga and the celebrities took all the best material; the ensemble cast had very little to do. The most interesting aspect is perhaps watching Martin Short as Johnny Del Bravo, something of a proto-Jackie Rogers Jr.

Around the same time, John Candy and Catherine O'Hara were appearing in Coming Up Rosie, a children's show that also featured Dan Aykroyd.

Vinnie Demilo (owner of Villa Deli) - Bill Saluga; Raymond J Johnson Jr - Bill Saluga; Kirk Dirkwood (stage manager) - Flaherty; James MacGregor (security guard) - Thomas; Spider Reichman (hippy musician) - Candy; Johnny Del Bravo (singer and Steinberg's cousin) - Short; Bambi Markowitz - Young; Margi (waitress at Villa Deli) - Young; Julie Liverfoot (hippie singer) - Martin

TV 1979 The Second City Comedy Show

John Candy with Tino Insana | Bruce Jarchow | Tim Kazurinsky | Audrie Neenan | Ann Ryerson

Back to top Previous episode Next episode Second City Comedy Show

Hour long comedy special for NBC in the US featuring John Candy and the Second City Comedy Players, with special guests Fred Willard, Gloria Gaynor and Thom Bishop. Aired in 1979. Produced in Utah by Osmond Television in Association with The Second City.

A one off comedy special, under the Second City name and featuring John Candy with an ensemble of former Second City stage cast members. Executive producers were Bernie Sahlins, founder and then co-owner of The Second City, and Paul Klein. Producer was Carolyn Raskin; Directed by Perry Rosemond. Written by John Candy, Denise DeClue, Tim Kazurinsky, and Sheldon Patinkin; musical director was Fred Kaz (with the 'Fred Kaz Comedy Band') - all from The Second City Chicago. This special was re-tooled into Big City Comedy (see entry below) in the fall of 1980.

Available on YouTube.

The Second City Comedy Show

Elevator to the Basement of Comedy

John Candy takes the elevator to his show.

John Candy; Elevator Operator Tim - Kazurinski; mimes and impressionists, slapstick and broad comedy, female impersonators - Insana, Jarchow, Kazurinsky



John Candy introduces guest host Fred Willard.

John Candy; Fred Willard

Open Your Eyes America

Todd and Ann deliver the latest news. Todd interviews with the Chinese Chairman via his translator.

Todd Hitch - Willard; Ann Campbell - Ryerson; Chinese Chairman - Kazurinski; translator - Jarchow

This Land Is Your Land

Tim delivers an inspiring speech, and the cast comes out to sing This Land Is Our Land.

Kazurinski; Union man - Insana; Wall Street Guy - Jarchow; Southern man - Willard; California girl - Ryerson; Native woman - Neenan; Arab Sheik - Candy

Uncle Silvio Show

Secret face of the week is an Alligator; Mr Mambo joins Uncle Silvio to talk about his vacation.

Uncle Silvio - Insana; Mr Mambo - Candy

Army Briefing

The Colonel briefs the Captain on the upcoming attack.

Captain Wayne - Willard; Colonel - Jarchow

Gloria Gaynor

Gaynor performs I Will Survive.

John Candy; Gloria Gaynor

English Class

Mexicans learn English.

Teacher - Neenan; Students - Insana, Jarchow, Willard, Ryerson, Candy

Going Home

Tino is about to leave his friends, who warn him the neighbourhood is dangerous.

Gary - Willard; Wife - Ryerson; Tino - Insana; Candy

Prom Date

Tommy asks Jo if she has a date for the prom.

Tommy - Willard; Cheerleader - Neenan; Candy

Plane Ticket

Customer tries to buy a plane ticket.

Desk - Kazurinski; Passenger - Jarchow

Group Therapy

Therapist gives group therapy.

Therapist - Willard; Swimmer - Insana; Patient - Candy

Van Kamp's Beans

The funeral of a man who died trying to get some more beans. This is the famous Second City Van Kamp's beans sketch, although here they do not mention the brand of beans. Introduced by Candy and Willard.

Widow Ann Smedly - Ryerson; Johnnie the son - Kazurinsky; Gus from the plant - Candy; Jean - Neenan; Vigo and Audie - Insana, Jachow; priest - Willard

Thom Bishop

Thom Bishop starts 'Mr Arthur's Place' before being interrupted, and then sings Trite Song Numbers 43 and 5.

Thom Bishop; Willard


A caucus strives for equality.

Ann - Ryerson; Tim - Kazurinsky; Audrie - Neenan; Tino - Insana; Bruce - Jachow; Fred - Willard

Rick's Place

Fred Willard orders a Pumpkin Blaster cocktail.

Fed Willard; Rick - Candy; Other drinkers - Ryerson, Kazurinsky, Neenan, Insana, Jachow

Improv Game - Switch

A Switch Improv exercise.

Candy, Ryerson, Kazurinsky, Neenan, Insana, Jachow

Big Rock Candy Mountain Boys

Big Rock Candy Mountain Boys play a song about liver.

Mr Mambo - Candy; Big Rock Candy Mountain Boys - Thom Bishop, Insana, Jachow; audience - Ryerson, Neenan, Kazurinski, Willard


TV 1980 Big City Comedy with John Candy

John Candy with Tino Insana | Tim Kazurinsky | Don Lamont | Audrie Neenan | Patti Oatman

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Big City Comedy video Half-hour sketch comedy series for CTV in Canada. The first show aired Friday September 26, 1980 at 7:30 in the evening and ran for 13 episodes. Produced by Osmond Television.

John Candy's weekly half-hour sketch comedy show was re-tooled from The Second City Comedy Show special, with Don Lamont and Patti Oatman replacing Bruce Jarchow and Ann Ryerson. Writers also included Jim Staahl, Jim Fisher and Mike Short. Special guests included Martin Mull, Billy Crystal, McLean Stevenson, Margaret Trudeau, Betty Thomas, and Fred Willard.

Pretty much a straight sketch show, it skewed to family viewing prime time, and was therefore not edgy, and much like the David Steinberg Show in look and feel. The show introduced some of John's well-known characters, including Mr Mambo and Orson Welles; apparently he was not legally entitled to use any of the characters he developed on SCTV. The introductory episode featured Maggie Trudeau and Billy Crystal.

A 60 minute compilation was released on VHS (pictured); it heavily favours some of the 'big' name guests at the expense of the ensemble cast. Available on YouTube

Several of the ensemble cast members subsequently moved on to Saturday Night Live. Fortunately, John did not, and we can be thankful that this show failed, as it led directly to John's return to the SCTV fold.

TV 1982 The Billy Crystal Comedy Hour

Billy Crystal with guests John Candy | Rick Moranis | Dave Thomas | Robin Williams

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Billy Crystal had a short-lived comedy hour on NBC. The first episode (aired January 30, 1982) featured impromptu walk-ons by three showbiz greats. At the end of the show, Crystal introduces Candy, Moranis and Thomas and plugs SCTV. (The following week, Morgan Fairchild guested.)

Bob Hope

Bob Hope walks on to Billy Crystal's show to plug some of his upcoming work.

Bob Hope - Thomas; Billy Crystal

Woody Allen

Billy Crystal spots Woody Allen at the side of the stage; turns out Woody is researching his next movie.

Woody Allen - Moranis; Billy Crystal

Orson Welles

Orson Welles walks on to Billy Crystal's show and performs a magic trick.

Orson Welles - Candy; Billy Crystal

TV 1984 Second City 25th Anniversary

John Candy | Robin Duke | Joe Flaherty | Eugene Levy | Harold Ramis | Martin Short | Dave Thomas | Tony Rosato

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Special for HBO and CBC, taped at the Second City 25th anniversary reunion held December 15-17 1984 at Second City in Chicago. The special aired in March 1985 on HBO and in an expanded version in June 15 on the CBC. Also starring Ed Asner, Shelly Berman, David Steinberg, Severn Darden, George Wendt, Richard Kind, Shelly Berman, Mindy Bell, Jim Fay, Jim Belushi, Betty Thomas, Debra McGrath. Sketches featuring SCTV cast members included:


A woman gets a cut from a particularly chatty hairdresser.

Hairdresser - Short; Woman - Duke


Straight son discovers his father is high.

Father - Dave Thomas; Son - Short

Van Kamp's Beans

The funeral of a man who died trying to get some more beans.

Widow Smedly - Betty Thomas; Tony Ipanema - Dave Thomas; Luciano Lutz - Flaherty; Levy, Ramis; Aunt, priest, Johnny

TV 1985 PMS, The Film

Catherine O'Hara | Andrea Martin

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A short film aired on David Letterman's Holiday Film Festival November 30, 1985. A short classic.

PMS, The Film

Mary and Hanna discuss the very real and social problems caused by PMS, take a look at the lives of a few sufferers, and show a clip from the public service announcement "The Best Friend's Story." "Somewhere between Christmas and being buried alive, is PMS."

Mary Marcus - O'Hara; Hanna Champion - Martin; Anna Ricco - O'Hara; Yolanda Devillbis - Martin; Mr Devillbis - extra; Dutch Leonard - Martin; Holly Faun - O'Hara; kids, people on the street - extras;

TV 1986 Comic Relief

John Candy | Eugene Levy | Catherine O'Hara | Harold Ramis | Martin Short

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The first in a series of charity comedy specials on HBO, hosted by Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams, and started by Bob Zmuda. Took place March 29, 1986. It included a couple of bits with SCTV characters. Also featured the Firesign Theatre and Gilda Radner. The Best of Comic Relief was released on VHS and LP on Rhino Records.

The SCTV-related material is as follows:

The Interview

Ed Grimley competes for a job with an extremely qualified woman at a job interview.

Ed Grimley - Short; Interviewer - Ramis; Woman - O'Hara

The Happy Wanderers: Cabbage Rolls and Coffee Polka

The Shmenge Brothers give a rousing rendition of the Cabbage Rolls and Coffee polka.

Yosh Shmenge - Candy; Stan Shmenge - Eugene Levy

TV 1986 The Canadian Conspiracy

Eugene Levy | John Candy | Dave Thomas | Martin Short | Joe Flaherty

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90 minute special for CBC, aired 8 June 1986. A 60 minute version aired on Cinemax in the US.

Written by Mark Achbar, Robert Boyd, Michael Short, directed by Robert Boyd.

The Canadian Conspiracy

Introduced by Edwin Newman, this America News Network Special Edition blows the door wide open on a vast Canadian Government conspiracy to infiltrate and take over the U.S. entertainment industry. Informant Eugene Levy reveals how Canadian actors were recruited by Canadian Government agent Lorne Greene and sent to a special training centre, the Lorne Greene School of Broadcasting, and then sent on to Hollywood. The first wave included Leslie Nielsen, brother of Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Eric Nielsen. A succession of apparently normal entertainment personalities are revealed to be Canadian, but deny all knowledge of any conspiracy.

Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas, John Candy, Martin Short, Margot Kidder, Alan Thicke, Tommy Chong, Anne Murray, Leslie Nielsen, Monte Hall, Rich Little, William Shatner, Lorne Michaels, Susan Clark, Howie Mandell, Martin Mull, Morley Safer, Steve Martin, Edwin Newman; narrator - Damir Andrei; US Border Guard - George Buza

TV 1986 Really Weird Tales

John Candy | Joe Flaherty | Martin Short | Catherine O'Hara | Don Lake | Bruce Pirrie | John Hemphill | Jayne Eastwood

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Really Weird TalesThree 30 minute episodes for HBO, first aired 27 September 1986 and through October. Later released on VHS.

A parody of Twilight Zone/Outer Limits-type anthology shows, hosted by Joe Flaherty, Really Weird Tales presented three stories. Flaherty reportedly had a commitment for three more scripts, but these were ultimately never produced. Directed by John Blanchard, Paul Lynch and Don McBrearty. Written by David Flaherty, Joe Flaherty, John McAndrew and Catherine O'Hara. Produced by Patrick Whitley.

All's Well That Ends Strange

Lounge singer Shucky discovers a horrible secret at the Playboy-styled mansion where he's entertaining.

Host - Flaherty; Shucky - Short; Wade Jeffries - Donald Harron; Tippy - Olivia d'Abo; Kim - Deborah Hancock; Kelly - Astrid Brandt; Brandy - Georgia Steele; Bartender - Bob Lem; Gary - Bob Bainborough; Jack - Bruce Pirrie; Robot - Jennifer Inch

Cursed With Charisma

A confidence man sets out to make real estate barons out of every member of a poor town.

Host - Flaherty; Howard Jensen - Candy; Ellie Hutchins - Sheila McCarthy; Jimmy Hutchins - Christopher Januszczak; Hugh Millins - Don Lake; Jeter - Wayne Robson; Edna Besley - Shirley Douglas; Assessor - Patricia Hamilton; Aliens - Eric Keenleyside, Clifton Maslen

I'll Die Loving

A young woman raised by nuns is sent out into the world. Unfortunately, anybody she loves tends to blow up.

Host - Flaherty; Theresa Sharpe - O'Hara; Mervis Jutt - John Hemphill; Todd Jeffrey Lamonte - David McIlwraith; Mother Superior - Jayne Eastwood; Professor Tistaert - Paul Soles; Sister Agnes - Madeleine Atkinson; Mother - Debra McGrath; Rachel - Cindy Patterson; Woman with Bird - Barbara Wheeldon; men - Paul-Emile Frappier, Philip Williams

TV 1988 The Second City Toronto 15th Anniversary

Joe Flaherty | Robin Duke | Dave Thomas | Eugene Levy | Martin Short | Andrea Martin | Catherine O'Hara | John Hemphill

Bruce Pirrie | Steve Kampmann | Peter Torokvei | Linda Kash | Don Lake | John Monteith | Kathy Laskey

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One hour CBC (also broadcast on Showtime) special featuring clips of the 15th anniversary reunion show of Toronto's Second City, 28 August 1988. Features interviews and sketches from the stage show interspersed with filmed segments. Produced and Directed by Eugene Levy.

Interviews with Steve Kampmann, Peter Torokvei, Andrew Alexander, Catherine O'Hara, Del Close, Bernard Sahlins, Martin Short, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, Catherine O'Hara, Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy.

1 Brad and Flo

Mr and Mrs Allen go to a swanky restaurant in Quebec City for dinner for their 25th anniversary.

Bradley P Allen - Short; Mrs Florence Allen - Duke; Bertrand the Waiter - Levy

2 The Option Play

Backstage at Mickey's club, Mickey's right-hand man meets an old flame, his boss Mickey's wife. (This sketch was constructed using cues from the audience.)

Mickey - Flaherty, Johnny Prolongo - Hemphill, Dickey Sins - Don Lake; Ruby - Linda Kash; Host - Bruce Pirrie

3 Jesus

Guy stays for a drink and finds Jesus.

Girl - Martin; Guy - John Monteith

4 Author

A writer contemplates killing his main character, the Purple Pimpernell. Pimpernell shows up to help him write something better.

Writer - Peter Torokvei; Purple Pimpernel - Thomas; Lady Love - O'Hara; Cleaning Lady - Kathy Laskey; Robespierre - Short; Jean Paul - Steve Kampmann

TV 1988 Biographies: The Enigma of Bobby Bittman

Eugene Levy with John Hemphill | Linda Kash | Frank Ruffo | Stephen Lombard

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A 30 minute Cinemax special, aired 16 April 1988. A documentary on Bobby's career. The program is interspersed with footage from his millionth show, including the impromptu return of Buddy Phelps, Bittman's early partner. This special covers very similar territory to many of the Bittman SCTV sketches, reminiscent particularly of The Mirthmakers and Funny Stuff sketches, and the retirement episode.

The Enigma of Bobby Bittman

Newsreel footage of the young Hershel Slansky and an interview with his parents. His change of name at age 13. An interview with Bobby's early partner, Buddy Phelps.

Clip: The Ed Sullivan Show 1959

Buddy and Bobby do the ventriloquist bit on Ed Sullivan.

A look at his marriage to mob daughter Carla Gambioni and its effect on his career. Clip from his first film Passion Flower (1961). And his subsequent divorce.

Bobby moves back to comedy and the coffee house set. Clip from 'Folkfest' (1963).

Behind the scenes and footage of his next film 'The Poor Slob' (1965). Another flop.

His six-day marriage to Marsha Fein and subsequent first retirement.

An image makeover gets him a TV sitcom 'Over my Dad Bobby' (1972), another flop, but it was enough to get him back to headlining major rooms.

Bobby Bittman - Levy; Dr Martin Rush - Dennis Thatcher; Sam Slansky - Jack Duffy; Ida Slansky - Ruth Springford; Buddy Phelps - John Hemphill; Mrs Phelps - Diane Gordon; Donald Shapiro - Jack Newman; Carla Gambioni - Linda Kash; Arthur Prince - Colin Fox; Jack Birnbaum - Nick Nichols; Delores Ryan - Lynne Gorman; Marsha Fein - Jeri Craden; Lawrence Kellner - Stephen Mendel; Gerald Melman - Frank Ruffo; Hershel Slansky - Stephen Lombard; Sitcom Mom - Cindy Girling; Sitcom Boy - Niall Lancaster; Sitcom Girl - Erica Lancaster; Nigel - Sean Hewitt

TV 1988 The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley

Martin Short with Joe Flaherty | Andrea Martin | Catherine O'Hara | Jonathan Winters | Frank Welker | Danny Cooksey

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Completely Mental Misadventures

Ed Grimley's children's show, which aired for 13 episodes on NBC starting 10 September 1988. Featuring Joe Flaherty as Count Floyd, Catherine O'Hara as Ms Malone, and Andrea Martin as various voices including Mrs Freebis, the landlord's wife (Jonathan Winters did the voice of Mr Freebis). Mostly animated, with the exception of Count Floyd. Writers included Dick Blasucci.

For a more comprehensive and totally decent guide to the Mental Misadventures, visit Totally Decent.

The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley

Ed lives with his goldfish Moby and rat Sheldon. His obsession with Pat Sajak and the triangle continues. New twists include an infatuation with his attractive neighbor Miss Malone (who lives with her young brother Wendell), and dealing with his cranky landlord and wife, Leo and Deirdre Freebus. Every episode also features the Amazing Gustav Brothers, Roger and Emil, who explain some scientific principle in their segment, and Ed's favorite TV show, 'Count Floyd's Scary Stories,' hosted by the real live Count Floyd. Episodes:

1. Tall, Dark and Hansom
2. Ed's Debut
3. E.G. Go Home
4. Ed's in Hot Water
5. Crate Expectations
6. Grimley, P.F.C.
7. Moby is Lost
8. Good Neighbor Ed
9. Driver Ed
10. Blowin' In The Wind
11. Eyewitness Ed
12. Eddy, We Hardly Know Ye
13. The Irving Who Came To Dinner

Ed Grimley - Short; Count Floyd - Flaherty; Miss Malone - O'Hara; Leo Freebus - Jonathan Winters; Deirdre Freebus - Martin; Roger Gustav - Jonathan Winters; Emil Gustav - Short; Sheldon the Rat - Frank Welker; Wendell - Danny Cooksey; Irving Cohen - Short; miscellaneous characters - Short, Flaherty, Martin, O'Hara, Winters; guest voices - Levy, Christopher Guest

Ed also guested on Sesame Street and Muppets Tonight.

TV 1990 The Dave Thomas Comedy Show

Dave Thomas with Valri Bromfield | Don Lake | Anson Downes | Teresa Ganzel | Fran Ryan | Julie Fulton | David Wiley | Kelly Preston | Rick Overton | featuring Jordana Capra | Tony Edwards | Mary Catherine Wright

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Half-hour sketch comedy series that ran for five episodes on CBS starting May 28, 1990. The set was a diner, where Thomas would chat with that week's guest, with filmed sketches. Special guests were John Candy, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short, Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd. Head writer was Mike Short, writers included Mike Bayouth, Anson Downes, Mike Myers, music by Ian Thomas.

Thomas reprised some of his SCTV impressions, including Bob Hope and Michael Caine, and introduced a few new ones, notably Jack Palance and Edward Woodward (The Equalizer).

Episode 1 - John Candy [28/5/1990]


Dave Thomas talks about Edward Woodward.

The Humiliator

Edward Woodward is the Humiliator.

Edward Woodward - Thomas; punks - extras; cop - ; lady -

John Candy

Dave Thomas talks to John about the old days.

Dave Thomas; John Candy; Fran - Fran Ryan

Test Results

Hal's doctor pranks him.

Hal Porter - Thomas; Doctor - Candy; Nurse Crockett - extra; bystanders - extras

Overbooked Priest

Father Duffy visits Eddie for his last meal.

Father Duffy - Thomas, Eddie - Downes; Warden - extra; guards, observers - extra


Dave is put in jail for not paying parking tickets - with a bunch hot chicks. Fran wakes Dave from his reverie.

Dave - Thomas; College kids - extras; Trooper - Lake; Fran - Fran Ryan


Hugh finally stands up to his tormentor Gary.

Hugh Peterson - Thomas; Gary - Candy; Coworker - Lake; Mr Phipps - extra; office workers - Downes, Wright, extras

Closing Remarks

Close with Dave.

Dave Thomas

Episode 2 - Dan Aykroyd [4/6/1990]


Dave Thomas talks about Bergman films and Max Von Sydow.

Max Von Sydow works as a barber

Max Von Sydow - Thomas; Customer - Downes; Customers - extras

Dan Aykroyd

Dave Thomas talks to Dan about his impressions over a coffee at the diner set.

Dave Thomas; Dan Aykroyd; Fran - Fran Ryan

Remote control

Browbeaten husband discovers his VCR remote does more than control the VCR.

Lyle - Thomas; Wife - Fulton

Digital Bug Death Readout from Scranton Microwave

Digital bug death readout for your car.

Pitch men - Aykroyd, Thomas

Cabin Fever

Snowed in at Ice Station Delta, Dave tries to stave off cabin fever. Fran wakes Dave from his reverie.

Dave - Thomas; Miller Valley Cheerleading Squad - extras; Leo - extras; Fran - Fran Ryan

The Beefmasters

The all-beef cooking show. Buddy and his guest bodyguard Payne Steele eat some breakfast.

Host Buddy Ward - Thomas; Payne Steele - Aykroyd; announcer - Thomas

Closing Remarks

Close with Dave and Dan.

Dave Thomas; Dan Aykroyd

Episode 3 - Chevy Chase, Martin Short [11/6/1990]


Dave Thomas talks about Bob Hope.

Bob Hope interviews Ronald Reagan

Hope - Thomas; Reagan - John Roarke

Chevy Chase and Martin Short

Dave Thomas talks to Chevy and Martin while consuming burgers and fries at the diner set.

Dave Thomas; Martin Short; Chevy Chase; Fran - Fran Ryan

Frightened Brothers

The Frightened Brothers take their first flight.

Ed Frightened - Chase; Leon Frightened - Thomas; Warren Frightened - Short; Stewardess, passengers - extras; pilot - Thomas

Suburban Dad Rap

Suburban dad gets home from work and tells his kids off rap-style.

Father - Thomas; Mother - Bromfield; kids, posse - Downes, extras


Castaway in a boat picks up a bunch of stranded chicks. Fran wakes Dave from his reverie.

Thomas; Fran Ryan; chicks - extras

Shark Talk

Sharks talk about what they like, and stereotyping.

Sharks - Chase, Thomas, Short, Downes

Superman the Mover

Superman moves some stuff for a family.

Superman - Thomas; Olsen - Downes; Mother - ; Father - Lake; kid - extra

Closing Remarks

Close with Dave, Chevy and Martin.

Dave Thomas; Martin Short; Chevy Chase

Episode 4 - Catherine O'Hara, John Roarke [18/6/1990]

The Humiliator

Edward Woodward is the Humiliator.

Edward Woodward - Thomas; punks - extras; cop - ; lady -



Dave Thomas talks about Jack Palance.

The Jack Palance Show

Jack tries to spend a quiet evening at home with his wife but people keep coming to the door.

Wife - ?; Palance - Thomas; Mr Whiteside - extra; Foster Whiteside -; woman at door ; Mr Forest - Lake

Catherine O'Hara

Dave Thomas talks to Catherine O'Hara.

Dave Thomas; Catherine O'Hara; Fran - Fran Ryan

Business Lunch

A younger employee tries sucking up to his boss by laughing at his jokes.

Carl Stringer - Downes; Employee - Lake; Grant Boswell - Roarke; Arnie - Thomas; Mr Hilton - (Whiteside)


Donna - O'Hara; Larry - Thomas

Last Man Alive

The last man on Earth finds a bunch of hot chicks. Fran wakes Dave from his reverie.

Thomas; chicks; Fran - Fran Ryan

Business Meeting

Executives catcall chicks; They try the scene the other way around.

Thomas, extras; secretary; Ms Carlton - ; audience member - extra

Closing Remarks

Close with Catherine and Roarke.

Dave Thomas; Catherine O'Hara; John Roarke

Episode 5 - Johnny J Fulsom [25/6/1990]



Dave Thomas talks about Michael Caine.

The Man in 12 J

A man in an airplane crash finds himself trapped in his chair in the Middle East and the only way out is to blast his way out.

Michael Caine - Thomas; narrator - Thomas; fighters - Lake, extras; stewardess - extra

Johnny Fulsom

Dave Thomas talks to country and western great Johnny J Fulsom. Johnny plays 'Ma I'm a Comin''.

Johnny J Fulsom - Thomas; Ma Fulsome - ?


Explorers search for an obscure tribe.

Thomas; Norman - Lake; Other guy -?


Man checks his and his buddy's tickets.

Guy - Thomas; lottery announcer - ?

Nazi Torture

Nazis torture a flyer with chicks. Fran wakes Dave from his reverie.

Nazi colonel - ; Nazi scientist - Lake; Captain Thomas - Thomas; Greta - ?; Heidi - ?; Nazi chicks - extras; Fran - Fran Ryan


Leon Frightened visits his dentist.

Assistant - ?; Leon Frightened - Thomas; Dr Bono - Lake; audience member - extra

Closing Remarks

Close with Dave.

TV 1990-93 Maniac Mansion

Joe Flaherty | John Hemphill | Mary Charlotte Wilcox | with guests Martin Short | Dave Thomas | Robin Duke | Andrea Martin | Tony Rosato

Back to top Previous episode Next episode

Half hour sitcom that aired for 3 seasons on the Family Channel and YTV from 1990 to 1993. Starring Joe Flaherty as an eccentric scientist with a meteor in his basement. His brother in law, Harry, was played by John Hemphill; his sister in law, a very Idella Voudry-ish character, was played by Mary Charlotte Wilcox. Hemphill also played occasional guest Cousin Lenny from Canada in the finest hoser tradition. Eugene Levy was involved in the production as writer, producer and occasional director. Writers included SCTV veterans Mike Short, David Flaherty and Paul Flaherty. Joe Flaherty and Hemphill also wrote and directed episodes. SCTV second unit director John Bell directed many episodes.

Dave Thomas wrote and guested in an episode, while Andrea Martin, Juul Haalmeyer, Tony Rosato, Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke and Martin Short all guested. The show was full of SCTV references.

Fred Edison - Flaherty; Idella Muckle Orca - Wilcox; Harry Orca - Hemphill; Cousin Lenny - Hemphill; Casey Edison - Deborah Theaker; Tina Edison - Kathleen Robertson; Turner Edison - George Buza; Ike Edison - Avi Phillips

Maniac Mansion Site

List of SCTV references

TV 1993 Friends of Gilda

Joe Flaherty | Catherine O'Hara | Martin Short | Andrea Martin | John Candy | Eugene Levy | Robin Duke | Dave Thomas | Jayne Eastwood

Back to top Previous episode Next episode

A 90 minute CBC special, aired 21 November 1993. The special features footage from a benefit for the Genesis Research Foundation held at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto on 26 September 1992 in honour of Gilda Radner. The show featured a reunion of the casts from Toronto's production of Godspell in 1972, and the Second City cast from 1973-74.

The benefit was directed by Martin Short, musical director Paul Shaffer, written by Michael Short and Perry Rosemond, and featuring in addition to the above: Valda Aviks, Jim Betts, Karl Blindheim, Valri Bromfield, Avril Chown, Beth Anne Cole, Nancy Dolman, Patty Elasser, Victor Garber, Marvin Hamlisch, Mary Ann McDonald, Derek McGrath, Brian Doyle Murray, Carole Pope, Rosemary Radcliffe, Gerry Salsberg, Don Scardino, Stephen Schwartz, Charlene Shipp, Kevan Staples, Rudy Webb, Robin White. Includes backstage footage of the production, lots of clips from Saturday Night Live, songs from Godspell, and the following Second City bits:


An actor keeps forgetting his line.

Director - Flaherty; Actor - Levy; Forgetful Actor - Candy

Human Sexual Response

How to fake an orgasm.

Dr Cheryl Kinsey - Andrea Martin

The Defense

A man defends himself for a heinous crime.

Jack - Dave Thomas

Van Kamp's Beans

The funeral of a man who died trying to get some more beans.

Widow Smedly - Jayne Eastwood; Tony Ipanema - Dave Thomas; Luciano Lutz - Flaherty; Aunt, priest, Johnny

See also Toronto's Godspell

TV 1998 The Second City 25 Years

Joe Flaherty | Robin Duke | Dave Thomas | Eugene Levy | Martin Short | Dave Foley | Jennifer Irwin | Patrick McKenna | Jenny Parsons

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One hour special aired on CBC in 1998 celebrating Second City Toronto's 25th anniversary. Featuring excerpts of the 25th anniversary stage show at Toronto's Second City, summer of 1998. Also features some backstage bits, and a few clips of SCTV and other shows from the past. Eugene and Joe reprise their classic Big News, Little News sketch to start the show.

SCTV News: Big News, Little News

Floyd has some very important news items. Earl has some very trivial news items. A reprise of the original News sketch.

Floyd Robertson - Flaherty; Earl Camembert - Levy

Marriage Counsellor

Mr and Mrs Pearson try to patch things up. Mr Pearson is kind of a hockey nut.

Counsellor - Dave Foley; Mr Pearson - McKenna; Mrs Pearson - Duke

Parent-Teacher Interview

The teacher cracks and chews out a student's parents.

Teacher - Levy; Mother - Duke; Father - Thomas

The Library

God visits the library to answer Mary's prayers.

Librarian Mary - Irwin; God - Foley

The Celibacy Tango

Woman sings the praises of celibacy.

Woman - Parsons

Final Words

A playwright wants his final words recorded for posterity.

Dying man - Thomas; Assistant - McKenna

TV 2002 The True Meaning of Christmas Specials

Dave Foley with Dave Thomas | Joe Flaherty | Mike Myers | Tom Green | Andy Richter | Elvis Stojko | Jason Priestley | Kevin MacDonald | Jann Arden

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60 minute Christmas special for the CBC, aired December 22, 2002; written and directed by Dave Foley. Features a nice bit with Flaherty and Thomas as Hope and Crosby.

The True Meaning of Christmas Specials

Dave starts his Christmas special on a beach, waiting for the arrival of Santa Dude, grooving to surf guitar music. Santa Dude arrives, and they begin to flog the first product of the special when Dave has to take a walk, feeling that something is missing from his special. After talking to a priest, he visits Mike Myers for advice. Mike recommends that Dave seek out "Canada." Dave and his entourage repair to a cabin in Canada. Dave is still unsatisfied, even after a skate with Elvis. That night, he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas specials past (Bob Hope, who takes him to see Bing Crosby and David Bowie do a duet), present (Jann Arden sings a song) and future (Kevin MacDonald shows him how Christmas will be downloaded directly).

Dave Foley; Priest - Andy Richter; Santa Dude - Jason Priestley; Dudes and dudettes - extras; Mike Myers; Butler - Tom Green; Elvis Stojko; Bing Crosby - Flaherty; Bob Hope - Thomas; David Bowie - Foley; Ghost of Christmas Specials present - Jann Arden; Ghost of Christmas Specials future - Kevin MacDonald; Dick Dale; El Vettes - Crissy Guerrero, Lisa Hockly; El Vez - Robert Lopez; Lodge Manager - Paul Irving

YouTube 2011-2015 Craft Break

Robin Duke | Jayne Eastwood

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After 30 years off the air, Molly Earle returns with her own channel on Youtube and a new show called Craft Break. With her new sidekick, Rhonda Calhoon, they talk about crafts, community events, and have a mint or two.

1 Craft Break: Rhonda Calhoon [Youtube]

Molly has a chat with her friend Rhonda Calhoon, fresh out of Kingston pen.

Molly Earle - Duke; Rhonda Calhoon - Jayne Eastwood

1a Craft Break Unplugged: Rhonda Calhoon [Youtube]

Molly and Rhonda chat some more, and have a mint.

Molly Earle - Duke; Rhonda Calhoon - Jayne Eastwood

3 Craft Break: Third Show featuring A Band [Youtube]

Molly and Rhonda welcome the A Band to their studio, and rock out.

Molly Earle - Duke; Rhonda Calhoon - Jayne Eastwood; A Band - themselves

YouTube 2012 It's Personal

Andrea Martin

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Libby Wolfson returned in 2012 with a new show on Youtube called It's Personal on behalf of the Women's College Hospital Foundation.

1 It's Personal [Youtube]

Libby Wolfson is back to show her support for Women's College Hospital Foundation with her brand new show, It's Personal.

Libby Wolfson - Martin

2 It's Personal: Marilyn Denis [Youtube]

Libby talks to Marilyn Denis (The Marilyn Denis Show) about women's health care issues.

Libby Wolfson - Martin; Marilyn Denis


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Several characters have been used to sell a variety of dubious products. Off the top of my head:

  • Robin Williams, Jerry Lewis and Katharine Hepburn for Black's Cameras (TV, fall 1984)
  • Bob and Doug McKenzie for Pizza Hut (tv, c. 1985-86)
  • Bill Needle for Harvey's Special Burger (tv, c. 1986)
  • Ed Grimley for Black's Photography (tv, c. 1987-8)
  • Bob and Doug McKenzie for Mr Lube (tv, radio, c. 1993-4)
  • Bob and Doug McKenzie for Molson Golden, Molson Ice (tv, c. 1997)
  • Count Floyd for SCTV reruns on The Comedy Network (tv, c. 1999)
  • Bob and Doug McKenzie for Red Cap Ale (tv, summer 2007)

Dec 2003: Guy Caballero for Rogers Digital Cable

Guy demonstrates the benefits of Rogers digital cable.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Makeup woman - Jayne Eastwood; Assistant - Naomi Snieckus; Director - extra