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Count Floyd

Count Floyd's first venture was an EP, released at the height of SCTV's popularity, such as it was. He later surfaced with the campy home instruction video 'Making Real Funny Home Videos.'

LP 1982: Count Floyd

Count Floyd LPCount Floyd LP

Released November 1982 on RCA (MFL1-8501). Features the Wally Hung Experience, formerly the Wally Hung Trio. Special thanks to Andrew Alexander, Len Stuart and SCTV.

Produced by Paul Flaherty. Music by Paul Flaherty. Lyrics by Joe Flaherty, Paul Flaherty, Dick Blasucci and Mike Short.

Back-Up Group - The Wally Hung Experience (pictured above on the back cover, courtesy Catherine O'Hara), featuring: Synth Programmer - Gene Martynec; Bass - Dick Blasucci; Guitar - Paul Flaherty; Keyboards - Mike Short; Drums - Rick Gratton; Timbales - Memo Acevedo; Backing Vocals - Sharon Lee Williams, Colina Phillips, Dick Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, Joe Flaherty, Mike Short.

1 The Gory Story of Duane and Debbie (3:22)

Floyd tells the gory story of Duane and Debbie and the fate that awaited them when they went parking.

Count Floyd - Flaherty

2 Treat You Like a Lady (3:15)

Floyd gets romantic. "You and me, we go together like Sandler and Young. I'm Sandler, and you're so very, very young."

Count Floyd - Flaherty; singers - Sharon Lee Williams, Colina Phillips

3 Reggae Christmas Eve in Transylvania (2:55)

Floyd tells another story, about the rastafarians coming to Transylvania for Christmas, with a reggae twist and a reggae beat.

Count Floyd - Flaherty; engineer - extra

4 Count Floyd Is Back (3:49)

Floyd fills in for the Stones.

Count Floyd - Flaherty; MC - extra; Wally - extra; backup singers - Dick Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, Joe Flaherty, Mike Short

VHS 1990: Making Real Funny Home Videos

Floyd videoFloyd video

Count Floyd sets out to make a quick buck from the success of America's Home Videos with a home instruction video on how to make, er, home video. The cheapness of the whole thing certainly plays to Floyd's campy strengths, and being Count Floyd, he can raise a few chuckles just fumbling with a handheld camera or throwing some cheap dummies around. Apparently this video "bombed real good."

Produced and directed by SCTV second unit director John Bell. Written by John Bell, Stephen Zoller and David Van Fleet. 30 minute VHS home video, Quality Video (QV 3034).

Making Real Funny Home Videos

Set against the backdrop of preparing for his daughter's birthday party, Count Floyd shows us how to shoot home video. We get to see his backyard spread and meet his son. He introduces various techniques, including:

- the element of surprise
- a jump cut and editing in the camera
- using babies
- camera basics, including pan, dolly, reveal and hand-held shots
- using cheap dummies
- pets and juxtaposition
- sports
- stunt fighting

Floyd then uses some of his techniques to prepare and shoot his daughter's party.

Count Floyd - Flaherty; Mrs Floyd - Carolyn Scott; Junior - Chris Bickford; Sissy Floyd - Joanna Angus; Neighbor - Dana Anderson; kids, pets - extras