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Martin Short has two specials in the 'I, Martin Short' series, separated by 20 odd years. In the first, following on from the Concert for the North Americas, Marty tours the decadent capital of entertainment in which he has made his home, Hollywood, and in the second, he makes the reverse journey, back to his hometown Hamilton.

TV 1989 I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood

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60 minute HBO special, aired 3 June 1989.Martin Short Goes Hollywood

Martin's celebration of Hollywood, written by Martin Short and Dick Blasucci, and directed by Eugene Levy. It features Lawrence Orbach, Ed Grimley, Jackie Rogers Jr, Bradley P Allen (now a plastic surgeon) and Troy Soren; in addition Flaherty and Thomas reprise their Siskel and Ebert. This special was released on VHS, but is now out of print. From Vulture: Looking Back at I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood

Further viewing: Dale O'Day is an impression of Buddy Ebsen. On YouTube

1 Marty Reminisces

Martin talks about coming to Hollywood, his home town. And sings a big Hollywood-type showbiz tune about Hollywood. He then discusses his love-affair with Hollywood, starting with his childhood and the man who inspired him, Dale O'Day.

Clip: The Man In the Moon (1952)

The classic film. Dale does the dancing fence bit.

Dale O'Day - Short; Kid - extra

Interview: "Baby" Estelle O'Day

Dale's sister Estelle remembers.

Estelle O'Day - Short

Marty visits Dale's grave.

Martin Short

2 Struggling Actors

Martin remembers being a struggling actor, like Lawrence Orbach. Lawrence sets up his answering machine, tries to get an agent, and gets evicted.

Martin Short; Trainer - extra; Lawrence Orbach - Short; Alex - extra; Tina Wise (agent) - Tracy Ullman; Connie - extra

3 Ou Bistro Part 1

Martin dines at Ou, where all the Hollywood power brokers gather to do their deals. Troy Soren (now gossip columnist for the Hollywood Tribune) and Antoninous DiMentabella gossip at the next table, and make observations about other celebrity diners.

Plastic Surgery

Bradley Allen talks about the importance of plastic surgery to Hollywood.

Bradley P Allen (surgeon) - Short; Myrna - extra; Michael Jackson - extra

Troy and Antoninous continue gossiping.

Martin Short; Troy Soren - Martin Short; Antoninous DiMentabella - Guest

4 Jackie Rogers Jr Live at the Wiltern

Jackie sings a song about how a film gets made, from concept to award.

Jackie Rogers Jr - Short; Studio Head - extra, Levy (voice); dancers - extras

3a Ou Bistro Part 2

Ed Grimley arrives to talk with his agent. Jay and Phil pitch a product based on Ed's likeness: the Ed Grimley silencer. Ed excuses himself to wash his hands and gets knocked out. In the washroom Siskel and Ebert argue about Roger's blind date. Siskel accidentally kills Ebert and then goes for Grimley with a Grimley silencer. Ed wakes up from his dream.

Martin Short; Troy Soren - Martin Short; Antoninous DiMentabella - Guest; Tina Wise - Ullman; Ed Grimley - Short; Maitre D' - Brian George; Babe the agent - Stanley Brock; Jay Wise - Steve Kampmann; Phil Chow - Peter Torokvei; Gene Siskel - Flaherty; Roger Ebert - Thomas; diners - extras

5 Marty Sums Up

Martin talks about some cathartic experiences he's had. One being when he played back this special to his new Hollywood friends, and got a stony reception. After their guests leave, Martin has a fight with his wife.

Martin Short; Man at party - Jim Staahl; Psychiatrist - Willard; Nancy Mae (wife) - O'Hara; Drunk woman - Duke; friends - extras; Cable Ace award - Short

TV 2012 I, Martin Short, Goes Home

Martin Short with Joe Flaherty | Andrea Martin | Eugene Levy | Robin Duke | Fred Willard | Bruce Pirrie

Martin Short Goes Home60 minute special for the CBC, aired April 3, 2012.

Martin Short revisits his hometown Hamilton to do a benefit. Executive producers Andrew Alexander and Martin Short; produced by Klaus Schuller, Dick Blasucci, Mike Short; directed by Ian MacDonald; written by Martin Short and Mike Short.

On YouTube

Puccini Opera

Martin retells the story of his birth as a Puccini opera, where his mother gives birth with the help of a midwife.

Martin Short; midwife - Martin; Papa - Short; Mother - Katherine Greenwood; Brad Allen - Short; Olive - ; Kids - extras

George Stroumboulopoulos Show

Strombo interviews Short about his new special

Martin Short; George Stroumboulopoulos

Clip: Mason MacGillivray and his Merry Band of Marionettes

Mason MacGillivray - Fred Willard; Kids - extras

Whitton Road

Martin revisits Whitton Road in Hamilton, talks to his grade 2 teacher, Ms DuBose, and then visits his old piano teacher Mr Rickards.

Martin Short; Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) - Flaherty; Ms DuBose - Marcia Diamond; Mortimer Rickards (piano teacher) - Levy; Jennifer (producer) - Naomi Snieckus; Stan - Ely Henry

High School

Martin revisits his old high school, and relives, musically, his trials in the chess club.

Martin Short; Teacher - Michael Therriault; Stan - Ely Henry; Kim Chee - Loretta Yu; Devon - Kylon Howell; Gwen - Victoria Digiovanni; Leona - Jan Caruanna; Bully - James Coholan

Mad Men

Martin's dad was an executive at the Steel Company of Canada.

Henry Short - extra; Brad Allen - Short; Joan - Adrienne Merrell; Olive - ; Princess - Meghan Heffern

Mason MacGillivray Hot Dog Forest

Marty visits his childhood hero Mason MacGillivray.

Martin Short; Mason MacGillivray - Fred Willard

Promo: The Boy with the Pigskin Tattoo

A third-string quarterback for the Ticats doesn't know the meaning of the word quit.

Norbert Red Reece - Short; Football players - Marti Adams, extras; Referee - Robert Fulton; Announcer - ;

Portrait of a City

Early explorer Pierre De La Salle makes a proclamation at the discovery of Hamilton.

Pierre De La Salle - Short; Natives - extras; announcer - Short;


Marty wanders the downtown of Hamilton, gets himself into a rap-off in defence of his city and sings a laid back tribute to her ('Hamilton Is My Lady'). Later in his limo, he learns Bieber is in for the special.

Martin Short; Rapper - HFK Farboud Arabi; Referee - Ali Badshah; Jennifer - Snieckus; onlookers - extras

Art Gallery

Marty checks out the new statue of himself at the art gallery, and then rehearses for his show.

Martin Short; Curator - extra; dancers - Melissa Moore, Alexandra Crenian

Martin Short's A Concert for Mason

The Concert for Mason begins with a backstage prayer circle during the overture, and then a high energy number. Next up, Irving Cohen and Justin Bieber.

Conductor - Short; Martin Short; Mason MacGillivray - Fred Willard; Princess Anne - Robin Duke; Irving Cohen - Short; Trevor (wardrobe) - Bruce Pirrie; George Stroumboulopoulos; Stan - Ely Henry; Sarah Ferguson - Katie Bergin; Justin Bieber - Robert Segel; Rabbi - Jerry Schaefer; Priest - Matty Finochio, Shaman - Daniel Stolfi; monk - Roger Wong; atheist, crew, mounties - extras; dancers - extras

Canadian Celebrity House Arrest

Martin and George share the house with Trish and Conrad.

Martin Short; George Stroumboulopoulos; Trish Stratus - ; Conrad Black - David Black