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2-hour special aired 21 September 1988 on ABC, shortly after the end of a long writers' strike, which had disrupted network fall schedules.

Features Edith Prickley and Guy Caballero in a wraparound concept: an FCC hearing where they attempt to persuade the committee to renew SCTV's license. Past programming (i.e., old sketches) is presented in evidence. Not a bad retrospective show.

1 ABC News: Misconduct Hearings Part 1

Cassie Mackerel is covering hearings into misconduct by the "SCTV Comedy Network". Guy enters, wheeled in by Edith. Guy dispenses with his opening statement and offers instead a sampling of SCTV programming as evidence.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Edith Prickley - Martin; Committee Members - John Hemphill, Don Lake, Bruce Pirrie; Cassie Mackerel - Linda Cash

2 Promo: Slinky...Toy From Hell (R4)

Girl - Martin; Slinky - itself; announcer - staff announcer

3 Promo: Jerry Lewis Live on the Champs Elysees (R4)

Jerry sings and rants and makes us feel good, a lot. Directed by Martin Scorsese.

Jerry Lewis - Short; Louis the musical director - Thomas; Orchestra - extras; announcer - staff announcer

4 High Q (R2)

First topic: authors, and Margaret jumps on the question before it is asked, several times. Bridgeman buzzes but backs out. Mifsud almost gets it right and contests it. Next topic: music. Margaret jumps on the question again. Bridgeman buzzes and backs out again. Townsend answers correctly, but it's Richmond's turn. Cathy then gets it wrong. The audience gets disruptive. Trebel loses his cool.

Alex Trebel - Levy; Parkdale: Margaret Meehan - O'Hara; Peter Townsend - Candy; James Bridgeman - Flaherty; Richmond: Leonard Mandel - Thomas; Cathy Mifsud - Martin; Bruce Moffat - Peter Wildman; Announcer - staff announcer

5 Commercial: Sophia Bath Oil (R6)

Sophia does what is essentially an update of the Oil of Oil commercial. It's good oil.

Sophia - Martin; The man in her life - extra; doorman, photographer - extras

6 Promo: Yellowbelly (R2)

Johnny LaRue as Yellowbelly - Candy; Mother - O'Hara; Child - extra; bystanders - extras

7 Commercial: Ronco's Shower in a Briefcase and Blow Dryer in a Briefcase (R6)

Get clean anywhere.

Pitchman - Short; Announcers - staff announcers, Wilcox

8 Promo: Perry Como Still Alive (R4)

Perry Como is still alive ("Fame", "Celebration Time", "I Will Survive", "I Love the Nightlife").

Perry Como - Levy; Backup singers - Martin, extra; Juul Haalmeyer Dancers - Juul Haalmeyer, Moranis, extras; Members of audience - Candy, Thomas, Flaherty; Announcer - Moranis;

9 Commercial: Katharine Hepburn for Twillings Tea (R4)

Katharine talks about her first time.

Katharine Hepburn - O'Hara; Announcer - staff announcer

10 Promo: Way to Go, Woman!: Mother Theresa (R4)

Lola's series on influential women. This week, Lola has an insightful interview with Mother Theresa and roughs it in India.

Lola Heatherton - O'Hara; Mother Theresa - Martin; announcer - Thomas; various poor people - extras

1a ABC News: Misconduct Hearings Part 2

Guy stands up to some more grilling, defending his practice of advertising impersonations as the genuine article. He cites Lassie as a similar example. He is then accused of soliciting funds for a commercial network. The committee shows some clips.

Clips: Guy Begging for Cash

Some clips of Guy begging for money throughout the years.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty

Guy and Edith try to talk their way out of that one. They say the money went to movies, and they roll some clips.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Edith Prickley - Martin; Committee Members - John Hemphill, Don Lake, Bruce Pirrie

11 Clips: SCTV Movies

Clips from New York Rhapsody, The Godfather, My Fair Lady.

12 Promo: SCTV Salute to the Oscars (R6)

Clips from An Officer and a Gentile, Chariots of Eggs and Terms of Indira. Announcer - staff announcer

11a Clips: SCTV Movies 2

Clips from Play It Again, Bob and The Grapes of Mud.

Announcer - staff announcer; Woody Allen - Moranis; Bob Hope - Thomas; Ma - O'Hara; Pa - Thomas; Son - Flaherty

1b ABC News: Misconduct Hearings Part 3

Guy is asked about colorizing old movies, and accused of showing too many commercials. They show Ben Hur as an example.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Edith Prickley - Martin; Committee Members - John Hemphill, Don Lake, Bruce Pirrie

12 Ben-Hur Intro (R1)

Announcer - Thomas

13 Commercial: Al Peck's Used Cars (R4)

Every car has a story.

Al Peck - Levy

12a Ben-Hur Part I (R1)

Ben kills the Roman governor while throwing rocks with his childhood friend Mazola and he and his family are taken into custody.

Narrator - Thomas; Gluteus (Guard) - Thomas; Maximus (Guard) - Levy; Ben Hur - Candy; Mazola - Ramis; Mrs Hur - O'Hara; Hur's Sister - Martin; Anonymous centurion - Flaherty

14 Commercial: Moose Beer (R5)

The one beer you can't get in the States.

Bar patrons - Wilcox, extras; mountie, passerby - extra; announcer - staff announcer

12b Ben-Hur Part I continued (R1)

Ben is visited by the Lord.

Sadistic Centurion - Flaherty; Ben Hur - Candy; announcer - staff announcer

15 Commercial: Stairways to Heaven (R4)

30 great artists, one great song.

Announcer: Harvey K-Tel - Thomas; Al Stewart - Moranis; Buffy St Marie - Martin; Pavarotti - Thomas; Barry White - extra; Slim Whitman - Flaherty; Rikki Lee Jones - O'Hara; 5 Neat Guys - Thomas, Moranis, Levy, Candy, Flaherty; Rich Little - Robert Plant

12c Ben-Hur Conclusion (R1)

Ben Hur finds his mother and sister; the Lord heals them.

Narrator - Thomas; Ben Hur - Candy; Mrs Hur - O'Hara; Hur's Sister - Martin; The Lord - Patinkin; announcer - staff announcer

1c ABC News: Misconduct Hearings Part 4

Edith tries to convince the committee that people like commercials as much as the programs. They take a recess.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Edith Prickley - Martin; Committee Members - John Hemphill, Don Lake, Bruce Pirrie

16 Commercial: Biller Hi-Lite (R2)

Maxy and Jake discuss their favorite beer.

Maxy Stein - Flaherty; Jake Primo - Levy; Announcer - staff announcer

17 Hollywood Dirt Tonight (R6)

Rawl and Remy have all the dirt. Vic Hedges has an interview with Buddy Hackett's former chauffeur and lover. Rawl and Remy have never seen before screen tests for The Verdict, featuring Jack Klugman, Stuart Granger and David Steinberg. A National Midnight Star Production.

Rawl Withers - Levy; Remy Martin - Martin; Jack Klugman - Flaherty; David Steinberg - Short; Stuart Granger - extra; Vic Hedges - Flaherty; Doug Grosvenor - Short

18 Newsbreak (R6)

Rita almost provides a news update.

Rita Schubb - Martin; announcer - staff announcer

19 SCTV Special Report: The Space Shuttle (R4)

Walter and David's coverage of the latest shuttle launch. David Brinkley describes the heat resistant tiles on the shuttle.

Walter Cronkite - Thomas; David Brinkley - Moranis

1d ABC News: Misconduct Hearings Part 5

Guy defends SCTV's news and current affairs record. Guy then asks the committee members about their favorite shows. They reminisce.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Edith Prickley - Martin; Committee Members - John Hemphill, Don Lake, Bruce Pirrie

20 Promo: Gene Shalit Critic's Special (R4)

Gene Shalit and his guests pan each other's performances.

Gene Shalit - Levy; Roger Ebert - Candy; Gene Siskel - Flaherty; Rona Barrett - O'Hara; Announcer - staff announcer

21 Commercial: Sophia Meatball Hut (R6)

When meatballs are your passion, 24 hours a day.

Sophia - Martin; The man in her life - extra; customers - extras

22 Commercial: The Ramblers Greatest Hits (R6)

Those voices of turbulent protest who guided us through the sixties are back ("Rover", "I'm Going Down With the Ship", "Ricky Tippy Tin", "Jimmy Jo", "Bottle of Wine", "Cliff the Magic Squirrel").

The Ramblers - Short, Levy, Flaherty, Martin; announcer - Levy

23 Leave It to Beaver 25th Anniversary Party (R1)

Beaver takes extreme measures to get back at Eddy.

Hugh Bowmont - Flaherty; Barbara Bilingslee - O'Hara; Tony Dowe - Levy; Gerry Matherrs - Candy; Eddy Haskell - Thomas; Whitey - Ramis

24 Commercial: Tammy Bakker for Mayberline Mascara (R4)

Whether she's working backstage, preaching, or singing, she can't go without her super-thick industrial mascara.

Tammy Bakker - O'Hara; crew - extras; announcer - staff announcer

25 Promo: The Women Who Donahue Forgot (R5)

Gripping documentary about two women who attend a Donahue taping but don't get to ask a question.

Women - Martin, Betty Thomas

26 Commercial: Convert-A-Toupe (R4)

A new application for velcro.

Pitch man - Moranis; announcer - staff announcer

27 Promo: SCTV After School Special: How Nosy the Short-Haired Terrier Dog got His Name (R4)

Two ladies tell the story of how Nosy the short-haired terrier dog got his name.

Women - Martin, O'Hara; announcer - staff announcer

28 Promo: Harry Filth (R1)

Harry needs a bigger gun.

Harry Filth - Candy; Captain - Flaherty; Cal - Ramis; Announcer - Flaherty; Bystanders - O'Hara, extras

29 Great White North: Mouse in a bottle (R4)

Bob and Doug have a tip on how to get a free 24.

Bob McKenzie - Moranis; Doug McKenzie - Thomas

1e ABC News: Misconduct Hearings Part 6

Guy is asked about how SCTV reflects cultural diversity. Perini Scleroso shows up to discuss the matter. They show some clips.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Perini Scleroso - Martin; Committee Members - John Hemphill, Don Lake, Bruce Pirrie

30 Promo: Foreign Programming

Clips from Oliver Grimley, Jane Eyrehead, Rome, Italian Style, Whispers of the Wolf, Prickley Heat, Das Boobs.

announcer - staff announcer

31 Commercial: Long Distance(R4)

Your friends and family are only seconds away. Why not give them a call, just to make sure they're OK? "We're Your Phone Company."

Ken - Levy; Wife - O'Hara; Mr Evans - extra; Announcer - staff announcer

1f ABC News: Misconduct Hearings Part 7

The next area of concern is children's programming.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Perini Scleroso - Martin; Committee Members - John Hemphill, Don Lake, Bruce Pirrie

32 Promo: The Fella Who Couldn't Wait for Christmas (R5)

Ed can't wait for Christmas.

Ed Grimley - Short; Announcer - staff announcer

33 Promo: Happy Hour (R6)

Mike shows how to get a dime into a beer without touching the dime, and Happy invites us to join him this week for Six Gun Justice. Some clips from Six Gun Justice and other clips of Happy Hour.

Happy Marsden - John Hemphill; Mike - Mike Short; Sammy the Goose - extra; announcer - staff announcer

1g ABC News: Misconduct Hearings Part 8

The committee recesses to make their decision.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Edith Prickley - Martin; Committee Members - John Hemphill, Don Lake, Bruce Pirrie

34 Commercial: Sophia Muffler Hut (R6)

Sophia has branched out too far.

Sophia - Martin; The man in her life - extra

1h ABC News: Misconduct Hearings Part 9

The committee returns with its decision. Guy is wearing a military uniform (Salvation Army). Guy makes a stirring speech. The committee decides to renew the license. Cassie interviews Guy and Edith.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Edith Prickley - Martin; Committee Members - John Hemphill, Don Lake, Bruce Pirrie; Cassie Mackerel - extra

35 Signoff: The National Anthem (R3)

Mel signs off. Roll credits.

Mel Torme - Moranis